Construction, agricultural and off-road vehicles work in demanding and often extreme environments. As such their constituent parts must be able to withstand the harsh working conditions under which these machines operate.

Over several decades the market was dominated by traditional (steel) products but over the last years thermoplastic materials are increasingly processed in heavy duty vehicles. For applications such as body panel parts, interior cabin trims and dashboards thermoplastic sheets offer many advantages:

  • Excellent thermoforming properties
  • UV stability and weatherability
  • Lightweight
    Colour matched sheets eliminate painting process
  • Depth of colour – no surface touch-ups or expensive maintenance required
  • High gloss surface
  • Extensive range of colours and surface finishes available

A number of composite sheet products was developed to meet the exacting demands of heavy duty vehicles and the environments they work in.

Co-extruded ABS/PMMA sheets allow the production of vacuumformed parts with deep draws where good protection against UV radiation is required. These sheets are available with matt base technology which facilitates easy removal of parts from moulds while providing an excellent bonding surface where reinforcement systems are utilised.