The process of “cast PMMA” has proven its suitability within the sanitary ware industry for several decades. The excellent scratch resistance and good chemical performance make these sheets until today to one of the most popular material to manufacture standard bath tubs.

The in-line laminated and co-extruded PA/PE films are available from 50 to 350 mµ and are widely used within the food packaging, pharmaceutical and medical industry. The easy printability (up to 10 colours) make the clear films popular for consumer products. Shelflife can be extended thru the use of high-barrier products (e.g. EVOH).

Thin gauge masking films are designed for surface protection. They can be tailor-made for every specific application and can be adapted to processing parameters of the sheet product.

In the segment of visual communication we do co-operate with one of the leading European producer of PVC foam sheet with a long experience in manufacturing and processing.

These versatile materials provide smooth hard satin surface, with a foam core resulting in a material with improved flexural strength, good acoustic and thermal isolation properties. The flat consistent surface makes them ideal not only for any type of printing but is the perfect choice for a large range of application. The premium PVC foam sheets have proven their suitability for exhibition stand construction, shop fitting and interior wall linings for any type of transport vehicles (e.g. ambulances / transport vehicles) where light weight construction is regarded as necessity.