In co-operation with and fully supported by a small number of hand-picked producers we are in the unique position to provide a complete package of services and materials to our clients in the sanitary ware industry. Our portfolio includes products of the highest standard which are produced by supply partners with unrivalled colour matching and in-house compounding system. Some of the best colourists in the industry match every required colour within the shortest period of time.

The comprehensive range of high quality sheets – co-extruded or cast – is produced according customer requirements either in standard dimensions or cut-to-size-sheets.

Acrylic capped ABS (ABS/PMMA)

Ideally suited for the production of bathtubs, whirlpools and shower units (trays & wall linings) where good scratch and chemical resistance is required. The sheets do show impressive optical brilliance and improved ABS and PMMA grades allow our multi-layer sheets to be used for demanding designs and sophisticated products.

The B-side of the sheets is modified to enhance adhesion to traditional reinforcement systems and this brings additional stiffness and durability to the sanitary item.

High impact Polystyrene (HIPS)

The easy thermoformability makes HIPS an ideal material for high gloss bath panels at economic costs whilst retaining constant high quality in production.

Cast Acrylic (PMMA)

Easy shape cast PMMA sheets in sanitary quality complete our range of products. The material is manufactured out of 100 % PMMA and offers a number of benefits – particularly as far as scratch and chemical resistance are concerned. The sheets are available in standard dimensions but also customer specified cut-to-size sheets are on sale upon request.